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(Last Update: 10.04.2016 09:56:42 AM)
(Resolved) Level3 Phone Service Outage

(Resolved) A large telecom provider (Level3) is reporting a massive outage nationwide. ATT is reporting same. Affects inbound calls to local numbers only. Toll-free has workarounds in place. Please visit our facebook page ( for updates. And be sure to like/follow us so you get instant updates in the future.

(Last Update: 09.08.2016 07:30:00 PM)
Mailserver down due to power supply failure

On the morning of 9/8/2016, both power supplies on one of our primary mailservers gave out. We normally have spares on hand, but in this case we did not, so we've expedited an overnight order to get replacements and the server should be back online by noon 9/9/2016. We apologize for this really big gaffe on our part and appreciate your patience while we get this fixed. Email is being queued on a different server so no inbound email should be lost.

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