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Great Basin Internet Services

Fast, local, reliable Internet services are only a click away! Call us to sign up! DSL, dialup, collocation, VoIP, Metro Ethernet & wireless broadband services, nationwide dialup numbers and web hosting services are a click or a phone call away, and our support personnel are in Reno, NV.

Great Basin Internet Services, providing quality IP since 1993, is the perennial winner of the prestigious "Consumer's Choice" award. GBIS features a comprehensive range of connectivity, networking and e-commerce data solutions.

Great Basin Internet Services has emerged as the leader in every market we serve and continually surpasses customer expectations with our outstanding service and cutting edge technology.

Now Available in California!
Attention California Residents! Great Basin Internet Services has expanded its service areas to include many parts of California. Contact us today to find out what Great Basin Internet Services can do for you. From right next door, headquartered in Reno, NV, Great Basin Internet Services has been providing quality Internet services at affordable prices since 1993. Join thousands of satisfied Nevadans who know what it's like to have reliable service and technical support.

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