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Business Solutions

Great Basin Internet Services offers solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our business solutions can help fuel your corporate demands by offering the following services below.


GBIS Can Bring Your Business Download Speeds Over 20 mbps Take a look at our new Extreme Broadband offering below. We can get the bandwidth you need to you at a price hundreds of dollars less per month than traditional circuits.

High Speed Business Solutions
Click Here for GBIS Extreme Broadband Solutions
GBIS EXTREME BROADBAND SOLUTIONS can offer a wide range of high speed connectivity service to your business in a simple, scalable, and flexible manner.

Click Here for Virtual Voice Solutions
VIRTUAL VOICE SOLUTIONS from Great Basin Internet Services offer our customers seamless access to local, local toll and long distance services.

Click Here for Business DSL Solutions
Business DSL Solutions offer an affordable, high-speed, 24x7 service using the latest in Internet access technology.

Web Hosting Services

Great Basin Internet Services offers high quality, low cost, website hosting services in multiple service levels to suit your needs.
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Colocation Services

Colocation is a cost-effective way to take full advantage of our connections to the Internet, without incurring expensive telephone company charges.
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Wireless Broadband Solutions

Wireless Broadband Solutions offer our customers an always-on high speed Internet connection. Unlike DSL or dialup, all service is provided by GBIS with no extra charges for a phone circuit. We provide you with the equipment, service, and support for wireless access.
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GBIS Metro Ethernet Solutions

GBIS Metro Ehternet will provide you with fast, reliable, symetirc Internet speeds deilivered to your as a simple Ehternet handoff.
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Traditional T1 Solutions

T1 solutions provide the performance required for the most demanding Internet usage. You receive a connection that provides a full 1,500 kilobits per second, 24 hours a day. This type of connection is perfect for large, popular web sites, large corporate networks, and other high bandwidth applications.
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Fail Over Solutions
100% Uptime Guarantee

If your connection must never go down contact us about Failover!

GBIS is willing to guarantee that your connection stays up or your money back!


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